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Mens Arrowhead and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Mens Arrowhead and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


An arrowhead is believed to be a symbol of protection, courage and strength that deflects negative energy and protects the wearer from their enemies by absorbing the power of the enemies. This arrowhead is paired with lapis lazuli which is believed to:
- positively influence friendships and honesty
- encourage harmonious relationships for those that wear it
- promote intellectual ability, creativity and help to enhance the memory
- help the wearer desire and retain knowledge and bring about good, open communication skills
- help the wearer think more clearly and bring about inner hope and courage


The brass arrowhead is 42x22mm and has an antique silver finish. The lapis lazuli beads are 10mm and the end beads are 8mm onyx. The bracelet is made of soft elastic cord that will stretch.

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