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About us

SassyBelleWares… Sassy, one of my favorite words; Belle, I was born and raised in the South - Tampa, Florida to be exact - and Southern Belles are seriously sassy; Wares, reminds me of the old time general stores that sold everything under one roof and SBW offers a variety of styles.

SassyBelleWares blends contemporary materials, semi-precious gemstones and whimsical found elements into original designs that work for all ages and occasions. SBW is also the home of RuggedBeauWares, a line of jewelry for guys who rock their fashion in cool, comfortable style.

As a proud member of The Artisan Group®, SassyBelleWares jewelry has been gifted to attending celebrities, VIPs and the press at GBK’s Golden Globes, New York Fashion Week, and MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounges.

SassyBelleWares and RuggedBeauWares pieces have been seen on TV shows Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, The Vampire Diaries, Younger, Law and Order SVU, Finding Carter, Bella and the Bulldogs, Cedar Cove, Chasing Life, Parenthood, Hart of Dixie, and Atlanta & Company and worn by Ashley McBryde, Quinn Hill of Ashley McBryde & Deadhorse, Brantley Gilbert, Michael Hobby of A Thousand Horses, Preston Brust of LOCASH, and Cher and Steph Spinner of Spinn.

Thanks for stopping by and holler if you have any questions!

Live Sassily,