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Artistic Stone Bolo Tie


The rope edge bolo slide is 1 3/8" tall and has an antiqued silver finish. 

The stone is Artistic Stone and typically has patterns of tiny black flecks, bands, and veins within the tan, cream, gray and mauve stone. Each stone will have its own unique pattern so the one you receive will not be exactly like the one pictured.

Artistic Stone has metaphysical attributes of healing and calming.

The silver bullet tips are 1 1/4".

The grey leather cord is 3mm.

You choose the cord length. The length of the cord is a personal preference. These guidelines may be helpful:

- under 6 feet tall with an average body build: cord length of 36" to 38" 

- 6 feet or taller or those with a larger body build: cord length of 40" to 42" 

Because this item is made to order in the length you choose, returns for a refund will not be accepted. If you are not happy with the length you chose, contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will exchange your bolo for a different length. The exchange policy found under Returns and Exchanges will apply.

Bolo Tie FAQs:

What is the correct way to wear a bolo tie?: There is no correct way to wear a bolo tie. They can be worn like a fabric tie with the slide tight in the collar or with the slide sitting lower at a spot that you like.

How do I get the curl out of the cord?: Because the cord is on spools, it may retain some of the curl from the spool. To straighten the cord, move the slide to the very end of the cord and let the tie hang for a day or two.

What is the best way to store a bolo tie?: Hang it so that the cords are kept straight or lay it flat so that the cords do not curl.

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